Bring more Logic to Logic Pro with Color associations.

Why Choose LP Colorizer?

Eye Comfort

Set Quick Personal Visual Cues adjusted to your eye sight.

Productivity & Organization

Colorize the entire channel strips to quickly identify tracks and groups without reading names.

Make money

Sell your Themes & spread the word to make additional profit.

User Interface

Colorizer V3 comes with the most awaited feature. An interactive UI! Just select an element from the interface with a mouse click,  change its color and it will immediately render in the Logic mockup inside the application. No need to search through visual elements and no need to close and reopen Logic for you change to take effect!

The Power of Custom Colors

Locate visual elements faster with custom colors, and color associations to maximize efficiency and bring down eye strain. Like a pretty office as been shown to boost wellbeing and productivity of employees, adjusting the style and colors of your DAW will help you stay focus and comfortable throughout the day at the studio. 


New! Button Styling

More than color flexibility we now bring alternative styling options for a selection of buttons and elements. You can still edit the colors dynamically of these alternative buttons and all this while keeping your theme files 60kb only! 

Matching Desktop & iPad


Bundle Theme Categories


Dark backgrounds with vivid button and indicators.


Bright and vivid colors accross the DAW!


Dark Backgrounds with soft secondary colors.

Gray Shades


Light gray or white backgrounds with several secondary color variations


Close to Logic’s original backgrounds with several secondary color variations


Very dark or background with  several secondary color variations

More than 80 Free Themes

These fully customizable Free Themes come with the Customer and Vendor License

Visit The Theme Store

Where user create, buy and sell Theme
(you need a license to register on the store)


  • Unlimited Test Custom Themes
  • 80 Bundle Themes
  • Color Tracks
  • Logic activation
  • Export/Import Themes
  • Buy Themes
  • Sell your themes

Basic License

$ 59
  • Unlimited Active Custom Themes
  • 80 Bundle Themes
  • Color Tracks
  • Export/Import Themes
  • Buy Themes
  • Sell your themes

Vendor License

$ 99
  • Unlimited Active Custom Themes
  • 80 Bundle Themes
  • Color Tracks
  • Import Themes
  • Buy Themes
  • Sell your themes

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